Speech by Mikhail Chernov at International Antifascist Forum-2021 in IsraelDear Mr. Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, distinguished participants in the Israeli section of the International Anti-Fascist Forum, our veterans, our elders!

In 2021, world Nazism began to pose the greatest threat since 1945 to both peoples and states. At present, Nazism is backed not only by radicals and extremists, as it was for decades, but also by the military and violent activities worldwide, and in some regions by direct state support. This is happening not only in Ukraine and the Baltics, but also in other countries. One should take in account also the formation of a single European military-industrial complex, which is well known to military experts. … The previous approaches of the fight against Nazism, based exclusively on the prevention of revanche and the fight against the distortion of historical truth, are clearly insufficient nowadays. It is necessary to form an international world front to fight the new Nazism. Only such a united Internationale can provide support to the forces that are fighting against Nazism in their countries, primarily in Europe.

The Foundation for the Support and Development of Jewish Culture, Traditions, Education and Science began such work.

We initiated and launched the project “Memorializing of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. Revival of the culture of struggle for peace”. We are all accustomed to associating the history of the Rosenbergs exclusively with the Soviet-American atomic confrontation, the transfer of technologies that contributed to parity and the prevention of nuclear catastrophe. But let me remind you that the main period of the Rosenbergs’ activity fell on the early-mid 40s. It was an era, a circle of people in the USA, Europe, Asia who communicated and morally supported each other, and put the victory over Nazism above the issues that divide them.

The Rosenbergs are a prime example of effectiveness and heroism that has become a model for many people around the world. The struggle against an unfair trial and sentence, in which the leading intellectuals of the USA, Europe and the Soviet Union took part, laid the foundation for the world movement for peace, and ensured half a century of a fairly peaceful existence for mankind. Similar tasks are still facing now — progressive humanity must once again rally against Nazism and World War II.

The new Nazism in various countries, such as Ukraine, Lithuania and in a number of European states, designates the Jews as the first and one of its main victims. The threat of physical destruction of Jewish communities is becoming a reality. The Jews of Israel and other countries are more interested than others in the anti-Nazi front and the support of world forces capable to fight the Nazism.