Награждение Э. Паперного, Ашдод, ИзраильPHOTO: E.Paperny awarding ceremony, Ashdod, Israel

On Thursday, October 13, Military Attache of the Russian Federation to the State of Israel Pavel Ivanovich Subbotin presented the «Treasure of Peace» Medal named after Julius and Ethel Rosenberg to the chairman of the Union of Warriors and Partisans — Invalids of The War Against The Nazis Efraim Borisovich Paperny with the wording: «For victory over Nazism and memorialization of the acts of bravery of the Red Army».

The medal was established by the Foundation for the Support and Development of Jewish Culture, Traditions, Education and Science (Moscow) and supported by the Presidential Grants Foundation, Rossotrudnichestvo and the Historical Memory Foundation. The presentation of the award in Israel took place at the Museum of the Second World War in Ashdod in the presence of Deputy Mayor of Ashdod Shimon Katzenelson. During the ceremony, the medals of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation «In Memory of The Heroes of The Fatherland» and «For Services in Memorializing of The Fallen Defenders of The Fatherland» were also awarded.