Николай Андреевич МахутовPHOTO: Nikolay Andreevich Makhutov

On Thursday, October 13, head of The Julius and Ethel Rosenberg Project Mikhail Igorevich Chernovpresented the «Treasure of Peace» Medal named after Julius and Ethel Rosenberg to Soviet and Russian scientist and public figure Nikolay Andreevich Makhutov with the wording: «For contribution to ensuring the security of states and peoples, and for anti-fascist activities».

The medal was established by the Foundation for the Support and Development of Jewish Culture, Traditions, Education and Science (Moscow) and supported by the Presidential Grants Foundation, Rossotrudnichestvo and the Historical Memory Foundation. Nikolay Makhutov was born in 1937. As a child, during the WWII he was hijacked from Russia in the so-called «column of hostages», which was gathered by traitors and collaborators and led to the west on foot, went through the hell of Hitler’s concentration camps. After the war, N.A. Makhutov became a specialist in increasing the resource of highly loaded machines and new-tech objects in extreme conditions and made a significant contribution to the development of the Soviet nuclear industry and rocketry. He worked on a complex task of the assessment of natural, technological and social risks, was engaged in the development of state, economic, social, economic and other measures to minimize damage and prevent disasters.Makhutov established the International Union of Former Juvenile Prisoners of Fascism.

PHOTO: S.A.Lipovoy, M.I.Chernov, A.Yu. Gurevich (from left to right)

С.А. Липовой, М.И.Чернов, А.Ю. Гуревич (слева направо)

PHOTO: Nikolay Andreevich Makhutov

Николай Андреевич Махутов